New Shop!!! Atramentum Taetowierungen !!!

hi everybody out there! after a successful and enjoyable time at my dear friend flo’s shop in herdecke, ‚the electric scarabeus‘, i eventually found a new place to continue to prosper. i am eternally gateful of having had the chance to work with him at his wonderful place while being able to pursue my approach of tattooing and looking for a proper new sanctuary at the same time.

‚Atramentum‘ is latin, meaning black ink; black pigment. i felt this being a  rather suitable name for the shop. it is located in witten, stockum. you can find the facebook-website in the ‚links‘-section. 

The Summary Of 2016 In A Few Pictures! . . . .

hello everybody! i hope everyone had a nice christmas eve and a happy new year’s start! i mainly worked in in my friend flo’s shop in herdecke last year, the electric scarabeus, and here are some of the results of  my efforts. i really enjoyed working there, as the shop is located in a particularly cute little town apart from being a beauty itself. surrounded by a nice atmosphere, i utterly took pleasure in joining my buddy for daily activities.

n1the picture above is the finishing of an arm i started a longer time ago. it was a half sleeve until then. we continued on the lower arm, extending the tattoo to a full sleeve, taking up the patterns we used before and as well doing similar ones in the same gage. i’m really happy with this one.
img_0200this is a mandala on a classic spot . . . as far as i remember, it was the first tattoo for the customer. i always enjoy doing these . . .
b2 the inner arm view of a polynesian based concept. it was the first tattoo for him! i  always feel humbled when someone offers me a  such a great space for his/ her first approach. i am more than grateful to have such trusting and loyal customers. thanks a lot to all of you!

b1 the outer view of this one . . . each pattern was drawn on the skin, everything was done freehand with no stencils. unbenannt-2

i like these specific ones which are simple but powerful  in effect.  something different that keeps my work varied and exciting. 
f0136128above is a somehow particular 3/4 sleeve . . .  totally enjoyed the journey of moving to this destination. from no real imagination to something satisfyingly different.


the inquiries for norse mythology and celtic based work happen seldomly, but on a regular basis. i can just say that i like the frequency of this matter. the picture above is my approach to a conceptual full sleeve. the eye on the shoulder top depicts odin, the one eyed god, who traded his other one in exchange for total wisdom. his glance is piercing and pervasive. he is accompanied by magic runes and his two raven scouts, hugin and munin.

sdfsdf-2i used a pretty much traditional japanese background plan to connect the motives and patterns . . .  sdfsdfhere is the overall view of that sleeve

foto-07-12-16-15-07-57 i extended eva’s half to a full sleeve . . . we mixed the polynesian inspired patterns with a female touch of mandalism  on the forearmfoto-07-12-16-15-08-44thanks for trusting me again eva!

new place for a while!

hello everybody out there!

you can find me for a certain time at The Electric Scarabeus!

i was travelling a bit and closed down my shop by the end of last year.

i will be looking for a new place soon, meanwhile i’ll be working at my friend’s place in herdecke, called THE ELECTRIC SCARABEUS, not too far from where my old shop was . .

here’s the link:

looking forward to seeing you there!





IMG_0783here is a samoan inspired 3/4 sleeve from switzerland, still a bit scabby and fresh at some parts
IMG_0781the inside view of that sleeve with a fe’e pattern repetition

IMG_0786dotwork pattern in the ditch, this sleeve is still in progress
image2outside view of the same sleeve, combining dotwork technique and thai stlyle oriented patterns

IMG_0778a pair of mehndi inspired feet, one foot is freshly tattooed, the other one is in the healing process, that’s why it looks a bit blurry

IMG_0767this design is based on the mehndi art from india, too

image3a polynesian inspired half sleeve

33fresh pic of a ditch job from switzerland, soft shading on this one

IMG_9846 Kopie a sleeve i really enjoyed doing on a great customer,  the shading is fresh , hence a little reddish


a little different  . . . the flowery pattern in the ditch is not from me, i worked around it, fun to do! IMG_9781inside arm view
IMG_9769and the outside of a sleeve i really liked to do. unfortunately i don’t have a better pic yet. it’s all fresh and gleamy. hopefully i can get one soon . .

IMG_0358a fun one from a trip to somewhere . .
web3front view of my man tim!

IMG_9947strong patternism on strong legs. the black covers an old tribal on the outside

IMG_9743_web IIthe second sleeve i did on tim, thanks so much!

ig3polynesian inspired calf sleeve, symmetrically designed

ig2a samoan approach, combined with a mandala and the famous flower of life pattern on the inside.
igthe outside view





a female lotus  . . . IMG_9671

the heart and the little roses on the wrist are not from me . . this developed to a quite big add-on . . .


just lines . . . IMG_9458 IMG_9462 IMG_9464

these are healed pictures of ulf’s sleeve! what can i say . . i just have to be grateful for the chance of doing what i think might be best and suitable, thank u mate!!!Unbenannt-1

this one above is a good way to show how i consider cover ups to work out in the end . . the more space you get the better the result will be . . this approach is not new  . . it’s just the same old story . . . web2

here we have bit of a series of progress . . . .  from freehand drawing to lining . . .

3 162

and this is the final result.



ditch mandala . .


occultism inspired sleeve and hand on thomas! infernal hails my friend!!!IMG_9319

we even did his palm . . tough mate he is . . !!!



i’m happy with this one!!!  IMG_9422

marquesan inspired designs on this calf . . .

2 008

another elbow ditch mandala, this time with some red lined geometry . . . 2 017

this on is rather mehndi inspired  . . . 2 064

tim’s hand! thank you mate!!! for all the stuff we’ve been doing so far! it’s amazing to work with such dedicated customers! 3 011

here is a view of tim’s arms . . . to this point of time the left (actually the right) wasn’t finished in terms of shading and depths . . . 3 023

another mandala . . . different though . .



3 184

mehndi inspired design . . this is a picture i posted on instagram, hence i chose the triple appearance to match the square format . . .3 206

nautical star inspired mandala . . .


freehand mehndi add-on . . . 1212

another freehand polynesian inspired design . . . 5454the process of tim’s right hand . . from drawing to finish!you rule!!!